Athletic Mouthguards

A custom-fit athletic mouthguard by Dr. Flora provides optimum oral and facial protection during any contact sport. You should not settle for store-bought alternatives (e.g boil and bite or stock mouthguards). These store-bought mouthguards can do more damage than good, and you deserve the best possible protection.

A custom-fit mouthguard provides superior comfort with the greatest support. Our mouthguards are designed to fit the precise dimensions of your teeth and supporting structures, allowing for normal speech pattern. A mouthguard by Dr. Flora can be customized depending on your specific sport. These custom-fit mouthguards have the ability to absorb impact and protect your teeth unlike any store-bought mouthguard. This means significantly less risk to the teeth, gums, and face and may also reduce the risk of serious injuries such as concussion.

We encourage you to speak with Dr. Flora about the best solutions for protecting the health and strength of your family’s smiles. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Flora, and discover what great dentistry is all about!